Review of Sole E35 Elliptical

The Sole E35 Trainer is one of the best medium-priced ellipticals on the market because of its durability and high-quality features. If you're looking to add a staple piece to your home gym that is of commercial-grade quality, keep reading- the E35 is a contender that can't be overlooked.

As any good elliptical will do, the Sole E35 is great at increasing your heart rate and providing a low-impact caloric burn. Whether you are a runner, walker, or neither, the movements made on an elliptical simulate that of normal body motions in your day to day activities. 

This is pretty much where the commonalities end between the E35 and its competitors, and for many reasons. Along with its comfortable design, the E35 is a step above other ellipticals on the market because of its unbeatable warranty, high-scored reviews, and top of the line features. Below we go into more detail of what makes this elliptical so great.

SOLE Fitness Designs

After creating a reputable and trustworthy name in the home gym market through their hard to beat treadmills, SOLE then ventured into the elliptical space, creating sturdy and affordable models with their ideal customer in mind. Whether you already have a home gym or are looking for that first piece, the SOLE line of fitness equipment will have something of benefit to you. 

Chances might even be that you already own a SOLE piece if you have a home gym! This company is so popular and abundant in the workout world that your closest commercial gym even has their equipment. To make their ellipticals even more user-friendly, SOLE partnered with well-known sports medicine guru and physical therapist, Richard Dekok who works at St. Bernards Industrial Rehabilitation Center.

Comfortable Features

Learning what tweaks could be made to the average elliptical design, SOLE now offers better features such as the angled foot pedals which promotes a healthy back posture to keep everything aligned and working properly. Regardless of whether you suffer from chronic injuries or are just getting older, the angled design of the E35 reduces knee, hips, and ankle pain you might have gotten on a different machine.
To make the ride even more comfortable, the foot pedals are bigger than average and offer adjustable angling for different foot patterns. Regardless of if you have flat feet or higher arches, these pedals will work with you more than its competitors.

Those with abnormal foot arches know how easy it can be to get toe and knee pain from pedals. Thankfully with the E35, you can just move the footpads higher when you start to get that toe pain and angle them lower if you start to feel any knee pain. Not to mention, changing the angles of the footpads can also change which muscles you are targeting. Lower angled foot pedals will hit your hamstrings, and a higher angle will target your quads.

What Makes the SOLE E35 so Special? 

Regardless of its price, the SOLE E35 elliptical has high-end quality features.

This all-out console includes a blue light LCD display screen, a built-in fan, MP3 player syncing, and a water bottle holder. 8 different workout programs come included with this model which allows you to focus on your own personal fitness goals.

The E35 comes with built-in heart-rate monitors on the handlebars, but this model also includes a free heart-rate monitor belt! This makes tracking your heart rate much easier and more convenient.

The upper body handlebars allow for a total body workout to target and tone your arms and back. The best part of these handlebars is the conveniently-placed controls to change the incline and resistance of the machine. This lets you continue your momentum while still making adjustments to your intensity level.

With 20 levels of resistance and an incline up to 40 degrees, the E35 allows for a super intense session and the targeting of any muscle group.

WhisperQuiet Technology

SOLE's WhisperQuiet technology assures you won't make too much noise or feel like there's a lack of fluid, natural motion. Sturdy railings and 4 wheels on the rails help to create a stable workout with a decrease in side to side foot pedal movement.

  • Great customer support & trusted brand
  • Operates very quietly
  • Adjustable and cushioned pedals
  • 20 incline settings
  • 10 workout programs
  • Bluetooth speakers, USB port, cooling fans, tablet holder, and bottle holder
  • No option to download new workouts
  • Non-adjustable stride length


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