Total Gym Fit Review 

The Total Gym Fit was introduced to the market in 2017. Like the rest of Total Gym's current lineup, it is a gravity gym, which means it works with your body weight and gravity for resistance, instead of free weight. This factor alone will give you a hint at how much better this is for your joints as compared to using free-weighted machines. Regardless of how high you put the intensity, the Fit won't budge your joints, knees, ankles, or back. The low impact motions create a free-flowing workout that burns calories and saves your body from any wear and tear. With 12 resistance settings and 85 different exercises available at your fingertips, this convenient trainer will whip you into shape in no time. 

What We Rate it 


This moderately-priced home gym model allows you to target all the major muscle groups, burn fat, sculpt your body, tone up, lose weight, and everything in between. Over 85 possible exercises are made easy with this machine, ranging from squats to crunches to pull-ups, allowing you to complete a full-body workout while not taking up too much time. Cardio and strength training go hand in hand, and the Fit offers multiple options for both. We all know lifting heavy weights can hurt your body, but did you also know too much cardio can thin down the cartilage in your knees? With gravity on your side, this model takes away the impact from cardio, too. Consider yourself safe when you use this machine, as Total Gym has taken all the precautions for someone suffering from chronic pain or injuries. This machine can emulate any exercise movement and create an intensity level that fits both a physical rehab patient and an expert level weight trainer. 

Whether you're working to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, burn fat, or just tighten your body overall, the Fit will do the job. Your exercises are completed using the main component of the machine, which is the glide board. Changing the degree at which the glide board sits will increase and decrease your intensity, making your workout harder or easier whenever you desire. Moving on from one exercise to the next is seamless and easy with the main part always being in use. Extra attachments and accessories offer more variability, keeping you entertained and motivated while you make your way through your fitness journey. 


  • Uses different percentages of your bodyweight for customized resistance.
  • Uses bodyweight percentages for resistance levels, customized to you
  • 12 different resistance levels
  • Low-impact motions for no wear and tear on joints
  • Accessories included
  • 7 different workout DVDs and an exercise chart, illustrating each exercise for proper form
  • Nutrition program made by a certified fitness coach
  • Weigh of machine is only 66 lbs.
  • High weight capacity of 450 lbs.
  • $1 trial with a money back guarantee
  • Great reviews from past customers


  • Short warranty for its price point when comparing to competitors 
  • You need access to a DVD player for the tutorials


Total Gym is one of the most loved fitness equipment brands on the market, and its Fit model is no exception. Most users get this machine with cross-training or strength training in mind, as is it is not really a cardio-focused machine- cardio takes the backburner but it is still made possible. Low-impact training all across the board is perfected with the movements this machine allows for. 85 different exercise routines using the gravity-forward glide board make all of the difference. 

Workouts with Your Home Gym

Seven different workout DVDs come with the Fit. We detail them below: 

  • Start It Up DVD: A guide around your new equipment, creating a basis for your first workouts. 
  • Beginner Program DVD: Learn how to build muscle, burn fat, and prolong your stamina. 
  • Beginner Express DVD: A short training plan for when you have a limited amount of time or just want a warm-up into your longer workout. 
  • Intermediate Program DVD: An overview of intermediate-level workouts to burn fat and build strength
  • Advanced Program DVD: Target your upper and lower-body muscle groups with this 5-day workout plan designed to train your strength. 
  • 7-Minute Workout: 12 different exercise plans for when you're in a rush and have no time to waste. 
  • AbCrunch Workout: The most-loved accessory from Total Gym is their AbCrunch and this video details how to use it to tone your abs and improve your posture. 

The Fit model comes with a wall chart as well, illustrating how to do 35 different main exercises. Along with the wall chart is a training deck of cards, with each card explaining a specific exercise and how it's completed properly. 

Last but not least, the bundle of items your receive also includes a nutrition program and meal plan by Dan Isaacson who is one of the creators of Total Gym and is a professional trainer. 

Total Gym Fit's Features

Although all of Total Gym's current models use a glide board as well as similar attachments to the Fit, you'll notice that not all of the glide boards or accessories are exactly the same to one another. The most prominent difference between these machines is their glide board settings. When you adjust the incline of your board, your resistance level adjusts. You can choose between 12 different settings, which use your body weight along with gravity to match the setting you choose. 

The Total Gym Fit glide board is the best of its counterparts, along with the accessories detailed below: 

  • Two-Piece Wing Attachment: The two-piece wing attachment targets your core and arms/upper body, an upgraded version to Total Gym's older wing accessory. 
  • Leg-Pull Accessories: The leg-pull attachments allow you to tone and target your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. 
  • Squat Stand: The squat stand on the Fit model is a nice upgrade as compared to the cheaper Total Gym models. Gain muscle, lose fat, or tone up your lower body with the squat stand, regardless of your height. 

Other workout attachments are on the market for an extra cost, like the pilates set which is a great cardio-based tone up. 

This trainer is durable and sturdy, doesn't wobble, and only weighs 66 lbs, which is light for a home gym. You can fold it up and store it when not in use. The folded and unfolded dimensions are:

  • Unfolded: 18.5" L 93" W 44.5" H
  • Folded: 18.5" L 50.5" W 8.5" H

The Total Gym Fit is the moderately-priced option in Total Gym's lineup, costing around $1,500. The Elite model is thousands above this price. 


The warranty for the Fit is broken down between frame and parts: 

Parts- 2-year warranty

Frame- Lifetime warranty

A $1 trial is offered for the Fit, along with a money-back guarantee should you want to return it. Shipping is included in most states within the US. 

To Conclude

Total Gym is a well-rounded, reputable home gym equipment brand that has been around for decades. The ability to stay at the top in an over-saturated market goes to show that their models make for happy customers. Take a look at the Fit and compare them with the other models, as seen on their site in an easy to compare table. The machines resemble each other but are very different in terms of price and accessories included. These machines cater to specific categories of exercisers, so make sure you find the right fit for you, instead of buying a high-end model you might not put to full use. 


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