Total Gym Fit vs XLS 

Whether you are just starting to put together your home gym or you have been working out for years now and just cannot make up your mind, we have found and compared some of the best home gym products that can help you get and stay in shape.

 In particular, we will be giving you a deep breakdown of the Total Gym models that you might want to consider getting as well as some alternatives that come pretty close to these high-quality machines.

What is Total Gym?

 Total Gym is a company that has been making its own workout machines that are designed to maximize the number of muscles you will use during your workout without the need for traditional weights. One of the reasons they do this is to minimize the risk for injury.

 Two of their most popular and favored models are the Fit and the XLS, and we have broken down each aspect and feature they have to find out which of the two is better.

Total Gym Fit vs XLS – What Are They?

Total Gym Fit

 The Fit is the newer of the two models from Total Gym. Between this and the high-grade materials it is made out of, it usually costs more than the XLS, but between the durability and functionality, the cost can be worth it for the avid fitness nut.

 It also has a high weight capacity, 450 pounds, when compared to the XLS as well as models from other brands, too. Although, many people favor the aesthetically pleasing look of this model, especially if you are trying to impress people with how high-end your gym is.

Total Gym XLS

 While it is older when compared to the Fit model, the XLS is still one of the best models out there. It also has a high maximum weight capacity, 400 pounds, and if you keep it well maintained, it can last for many years.

 It can be one of the easiest and most comfortable for beginners to use. Part of the reason is that it comes fully assembled, meaning you do not need to set time away or get tools to assemble it.

Their Specs

SpecsTotal Gym FitTotal Gym XLS

Dimensions (when assembled) in inches18.5 x 93 x 44.5 19 x 90 x 43

Product’s weight66 lbs 68 lbs

Max weight capacity450 lbs 400 lbs

Number of resistance levels12 6

Number of accessories4 3

Number of DVDs included6 5

Number of possible exercises85+ 80+

Things They Have in Common

 Despite being slightly different in a few ways, both machines are actually quite similar in several, and this is the reason they are both considered some of the highest-quality work out machines available today:

  • Both are made from rust-resistant, long-lasting steel
  • Both have cables that are made from similarly-strong steel and covered with a durable vinyl material
  • Both have seat padding that keeps their shape and will hardly if ever warp


 For those of you who are just starting to put your home gym together or this will be the first time you are getting a workout machine, then either model would be perfect since they both can be used for over 80 different exercises.

 Otherwise, if you are looking to get the most intense and versatile of the two, then the Fit could be the better fit -pun intended- since it can do more than 85 exercises. It can also be easily adjusted to fit your specific height requirements, too.

Included Workout Tools

 Both of these units come with special attachments and equipment that can either give you more use out of the machines or can help teach you how to do the exercises. For example, both come with several workout DVDs as well as lug pull attachments.

 However, the Fit comes with more with a two-piece wing attachment, a squat stand (newer model), and the company’s AbCrunch. The XLS is still a strong choice since it comes with a single wing attachment and a ribbed squat stand.

Total Gym Fit Pros and Cons


  • Can be used with custom workout routines
  • Can be better for smaller workout rooms/spaces
  • Can be more aesthetically pleasing than the Fit
  • It comes with additional padding
  • It can handle 450lbs


  • Can be more expensive than other models
  • Some attachments are sold separately

Total Gym XLS Pros and Cons


  • It can be more affordable than other models
  • It arrives fully assembled
  • Can be more compact and easily stored
  • Ie one of the more popular and highly-used models
  • Can support larger users


  • Is older compared to the Fit
  • Has fewer features and levels than the Fit

Why we think the Fit is better than the XLS

The Resistance Levels

 If you are looking to get the most out of a single machine, then the Fit can be the better of the two options for its levels alone. 

 The Total Gym Fit has around 12 different resistance levels that can make it easier to warm up or cool down while still allowing you to get the most challenging workout possible with its highest setting.

 That is not to say that the XLS is not a strong candidate since it can have more levels than many other machines out there and is just as versatile, and this is why it is not a big factor with newer users who are looking for something easier to work with.

The Arms

 If you have already had some experience with similar workout machines, then you might appreciate the extra reinforcement of both of the models.

 However, some of the more avid fitness enthusiasts like myself have noticed that the XLS are not as flexible and can feel a bit more rigid and stiff than the Fit.

 They can also tend to squeak and creak because of this, although this is usually when the machine levels are on the higher side. The arms of the Fit are much newer and updated to be more smooth regardless of what levels you have it set, too.

The Design

 The overall design of the XLS is simple and easy for users when it comes to using the basics since it is ready fresh out of the box, but when it comes to the additional attachments, specifically the wing attachment, it can be a little outdated.

 The model is only a single wing-attachment-friendly, so even if you have a double-wing attachment, you cannot use it. However, this has been specially updated when it comes to the Fit.

 Not only that, but Total Gym also updated the weight bar’s location to make it more convenient for you to adjust the weight.

The Color

 This is not so much a negative for most people, but if you are trying to make your gym aesthetically pleasing, then you may want to go with the Fit if you are looking for a machine with a more modern and up-to-date look and color scheme.

 However, the XLS has more of the classic and timely color scheme and shape which you may be into more if you have a vintage-looking home gym.

The Warranties

The Fit

 Like many workout machines, the Fit has a standard 2-year warranty that covers certain parts, the cords for example, while the rest of the parts are covered by a lifetime warranty, mostly the frame of the machine.


 The XLS, being an older model, does have some of the parts under a limited warranty (the cords), but this warranty only covers these parts for up to 6 months. However, the frame of the XLS is covered under a lifetime warranty as well.

Customer Service

 Since both models are made by the same company, Total Gym, no matter which model you have, you will deal with the same customer service department whether it is a concern with how the model is out of the box or if you are calling about the warranty.

 So far, most of the interaction with customer service has been pretty standard if not better. The representatives are polite and willing to work with you, but it can be great to keep in mind to have your warranty in an easily accessible place to make any process with them go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Alternatives to the Total Gym Fit and the XLS

 On the rare chance that the company is currently out of stock of both models or you want to take a look at some other brands on the market, then here are some of the top contenders that we found to these models that come fairly close.


 While there is only one model from the brand, the Vigorfit can be one of the best models on the market if you only want a machine that you can do practically every workout possible.

 It can be great for experienced athletes who are looking for the next level when it comes to quality between the different weight levels and many attachments they can come with. However, it does have a smaller weight limit and can be more of a challenge for beginners.


 The Bowflex is one of the more high-quality, durable, and highly reputable models that are currently available between its larger frame and more professional-looking and functioning designs.

 That being said, it can take up much more room compared to the previous models that we have mentioned so far. Even so, if space is not a concern and you do not do too many different exercises, then this can make a great substitute.


 Another substitute for more experienced users, the TRX system is one of the more space-friendly models since the design has more of a focus on straps and bands rather than a sitting machine unit, making it the ideal choice for those who like to travel or change workout locations a lot.

 Still, it can be awkward or difficult for those of you who are just starting to work out and train, but if you want a kit that can be the most adaptable and useful to work your entire body, this is one of the best.


Who can use these systems?

 Anyone and everyone can use this as long as they are following the proper instructions and are exercising responsibly. These systems are actually very popular with senior users since they can be much safer than using weights.

 Nevertheless, it can be a good idea for anyone who has not used one of these systems before to do so with a partner or spotter until they get the hang of it, especially if you are using this machine for physical therapy or muscle recovery.

How long can these systems last?

 If you keep the machine well-maintained regularly, then it can last for just as long as the warranty suggests: a lifetime.

 This includes keeping the machine in a climate-controlled area, wiping it down after each use, and checking the parts to make sure that they are not becoming weak or stiff.

 You should try to do this before and after each workout to ensure that the machine does not malfunction while you are using it; this may lead to serious injury.

What is the best way to use one of these systems?

 First, read the instructions as each machine, regardless of whether it is a Total Gym or not, may be used in a different way or may have certain steps to follow before or after each use. Some machines also need certain amounts of assembly, unlike the XLS.

 Before following the instructions to use the machine, try to get a simple 10 to 15-minute stretch in to avoid pulling a muscle or getting a similar injury during your workout with the machine.

 When you are done with your workout, it can be good to give the machine a wipe down to ensure it stays clean and is less likely to wear down from use from your skins’ oils, sweat, or dirt.

What should you look for in one of these systems?

 A good rule of thumb is to look for a machine that matches your skill level. If you have not worked out for several weeks, months, or even years, you may not want to get a professional-grade machine, even if you want the best of the best.

 This can lead to you getting injured or intimidated by the difficulty level of the machine, especially if you are using it alone or without proper guidance from a friend or personal trainer.

 Remember, if you begin to find that you like using the machines for your workout, you can always upgrade it to a newer or more advanced model in the future; that is actually quite common for the avid at-home athlete.

Are home gym devices better or worse than weight sets?

 You might find some people say yes while others say no, but many people can agree that each has its advantages and disadvantages. Workout machines tend to be more cost-efficient compared to an entire weight set.

 Granted, weight sets can be far more durable and easier to find both online and in stores. That being said, they can be far more dangerous and have a greater risk of injury for those who are recovering from an injury, are older and more susceptible to injury, as well as children who have not had the experience of working out.

Is it easy to return a machine if you do not like it?

 For Total gym, yes since both the Fit and the XLS models have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Other models can be a bit more difficult about returns, especially if you didn’t buy it directly through them.

 You might have a problem if you bought it through an online retailer that has its terms and conditions about returns, but if it is a well-known retailer, then the process might be simple and painless.


 We hope that this has helped you decide on what you are looking for when it comes to your workout equipment, but if it has not, a good rule of thumb is to think about what areas you are trying to focus on and find a machine that is compatible with your needs.

 However, when it comes to the quality, durability, and overall value, we would always go with the Total Gym Fit first.


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