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Total Gym is one of the most reliable options if you wish to achieve a quick workout. The equipment has been placed on the map after receiving recommendations from celebrities such as Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. Numerous tremendous benefits are attributed to Total Gym, which has led it to become one of the most common home gyms today. The manufacturer is one of the oldest producers of home fitness products currently. Some of the significant benefits it provides include; the equipment uses your body weight as a type of resistance, simple transition from one exercise to the next, no enhancement of weight, provides a full-body workout on one equipment. Lastly, Total Gym provides a thirty day try out on all its products. This article provides an overall total gym review of four Total Gym types of equipment. 

1). Total Gym XLS

 This home gym is simple to use to remain in shape and get fit. According to total gym review equipment contains work out tools, and it is entirely has a fully equipped system of Total Gym XLS workouts.

Features and Specs

 •It is wholly assembled

 •It has more than eighty exercises

 •Six resistance levels

 •Six months and lifetime warranties on its parts and frame, respectively

 •Its weight capacity user is 400lb

 •A Total Gym TV Basic for free workouts streaming 

 •Advanced cable system and pulley

 •Nylon strap handles which are flexible

 •A gliding board that is padded and contains a head support 

 •Dimensional measurements of 19″ W x 90″ L x 43″ H and 19″ W x 90″ L x 43″ H when unfolded and folded respectively.

Accessories of Total Gym XLS

 The gym has an extensive total gym accessory made to facilitate its trainer home-based routines. They include:

 •Attached wing 

 •Personalized training system

 •Two ankle cuffs and Leg Pull Accessory

 •Total Gym Exercise Wall Chart

 •Squad start which is ribbed

 •Meal plan and Nutritional Program of Dan Isaacson

Total Gym TV

 This is a video streaming platform for workouts available 24/7 and can be used on any device either through the app or online. It provides online access to four of the commonly known Total Gym programs, in addition to three new elite programs presented by Total Gym trainers. 

 Total Gym TV premium provides access to classic Total Gym DVDs and newly launched premium programs. Premium subscribers enjoy over three new releases on Total Gym TV workouts monthly, which amounts to over fifty releases annually.

Total Gym XLS Guarantee

 Total Gym provides a payment option that is flexible and also offers trials. This entails the following:

 •Thirty-Day trial offer

 •Flexible payment option

 •Free shipping

 •Lifetime warranty on the equipment’s frame and a six months warranty on the parts.

2). Total Gym Fit

 Total Gym Fit is a newly designed workout equipment to deliver results in a fast and fun way in the best home gym. It features the following aspects:

 •More than eighty-five exercises on the home gym

 •Fully assembled

 •Its resistance contains twelve levels.

 •Lifetime and extended two-year warranties on the frame and parts and priority processing, respectively.

 •Steel frame which is upgraded 

 •Upgraded pulley and cable systems

 •Auto-lock height adjustment which enables easy transition between exercises.

 •Custom fender systems facilitate a smoother ride.

 •Extra comfort provided by ergonomic glide board

 •Dimensional measurements of 18.5″ W x 93″ L x 44.5″ H and 18.5″ Width x 50.5″ Lenth x 8.5″ Height when unfolded and folded respectively.

Accessories of Total Gym Fit

 The equipment is featured with 12 levels of resistance to achieve all-out variety and customization of workouts, hence achieving its results deliverance. The equipment has a library of Total Gym workouts, workout tools, and exercises to ensure the user achieves his or her fitness goals. The workouts are simple to follow and also fun to undertake and hence providing the required motivation. The accessories of the equipment encompass the following;

 •A ribbed squat stand

 •Total Gym Training Deck or a personalized training system

 •Dan Isaacson’s Meal Plan and Nutritional Program

 •Leg Pull Accessory Containing two ankle cuffs and a detachable bracket

 •Two-Piece attachments of wings that facilitate a broader range of motion

 •Total Gym AbCrunch Accessory 

Total Gym TV

 The Total Gym TV Basic provides a free video streaming platform and offers four of the most famous programs of classic Total Gym TV workouts, which were held on DVDs previously. Also, there are three new workout programs containing elite trainers of Total Gym. The TV can be streamed online or using the Total Gym TV app.

 Total Gym TV Premium provides various new content, including access to newly released premium workout programs and a library of Total Gym DVDs. These premium services offer the accessibility to three new programs monthly, totaling over fifty of them annually.

Total Gym Fit Guarantee

 The equipment has a thirty-day trial offer with flexible payment options; there are no shipping fees. Total Gym fit has an extended warranty of two years on its parts and a lifetime warranty on its frame. The guaranteed package enhances the users’ confidence and assured return on investment on the Total Gym Fit equipment.

3). Total Gym Supreme

 Total Gym Supreme is a budget-friendly model of a home gym. It is designed to target all main groups of muscles with just one work out. Cardio, resistance, strength, and stretch training; all available in only one equipment. Transitioning from one exercise to another is very simple since there are no bulky weights, plates, or cords. 

Features and Specs

 •No assembly is required. 

 •User weight capacity of 275lb

 •Twelve levels which are calibrated

 •Extra comfort provided by a padded pillow

 •Flexible nylon strapped handles.

 •Auto-Lock knob for height adjustment

 •Dimensional measurement of 15.5″ W x 93″ L x 43.25″ H and 15.5 Width x 50.5 Length x 8 Height when unfolded and when folded respectively.


 •A ribbed squat stand

 •Meal Plan and a Nutritional Program

 •Tri-Grip shaper bars

 •Total Gym AbCrunch accessory

 •Leg Pull Accessory with ankle cuffs and detachable brackets

Total Gym TV

 Like the fit and the XLS equipment, the Total Gym Supreme has an online/app video steaming platform for workouts in primary and premium options.


 Total Gym Supreme has a One year, six-month manufacturer’s warranty on the frame and parts, respectively. Free shipping is provided, as well as flexible payments desired to meet all budgets.

4). Total Gym GTS

 Total Gym GTS is a professional and commercially-grade designed equipment found in physical therapy facilities and health clubs. The equipment provides professional and quality services and hence receiving worldwide recognition.

Features and Specs

 •Easy two-step folding and assisted level changes facilitated by the hydraulic rail lifts.

 •Workout DVD, assembly instruction, illustrated exercise reference, and owner’s manual.

 •One percent to sixty-two percent resistance of the body weight.

 •The increased lower extremity of motion, multiple center pulley attachment points, and double arm cable loads.

 •Modifiable glide board that facilitates optimal spinal alignments with seven angles for training variations.

 •The assistance level is calibrated twenty-two times.

 •Automatic rail locks enhance explosive plyometric jumping.

 •Three grips pull up bar, strength package, attachments of weight bars, retractable dip bars, squat handlebar, and scrunch.

Total Gym GTS Accessories

 •Folding foot holder

 •The free strength package includes a scrunch; three grips pull up bar, weight bar, squat handlebar, press bar, and a retractable dip bars.

 •An exercise Reference which is illustrated and to place on the tower

 •Heavy-duty glide board with improved cushioning.

 •Arm pulley systems which are dynamic unilateral/bilateral

 •Smooth synthetic rubber padded handles with a nylon webbing and ABS swivel enhance a hammer grip action.

 •Big, wide-based telescoping squat stand which has a non-skid tread and three height adjustments.

 •Gentle bars of LAT folded down for pull-ups.

 Total Gym TV

 Similar to the XLS, Fit, and the Supreme Total Gym equipment, Total Gym XLS users are entitled to Total Gym TV. This platform offers live streaming of workout videos available in both primary and premium packages.

Total Gym TV Guarantee

 •The guarantees are offered to enhance the user’s confidence in the products: aimed I achieving personal goals of health and well-being fitness. The guaranteed package includes:

 •Thirty-day money bank. This offers the choice of trying the total gym at home for thirty days without any risks. If the equipment performance is not satisfactory, it may be returned for a full refund or credit within the first thirty days after getting the equipment.

 •Five years, one year, and ninety days warranties for frame, parts, and upholstery, and foam, and rubber, respectively.

 •Flexible payment options either in full or by a payment plan according to the potential buyer's budget and his or her preferred payment choice.

 Concerning body fitness, Total Gym offers a variety of products to facilitate the achievement of the user’s body fitness and well-being. The four types of equipment are manufactured to consider the users' budget and the nature of the services they need. The equipment has received worldwide recommendations due to their efficiency and quality hence gaining a positive reputation. This has installed users’ confidence in the Total Gym equipment. 


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