Total Gym Supreme Review

The Total Gym Supreme provides a total body workout in as little as 10 to 20 minutes per day. It is an integrative piece of exercise equipment that combines the many features you would find in multiple pieces of equipment at the gym.

You can enjoy an affordable alternative to buying many products or having a gym membership to achieve the fitness results you seek. Plus, you have access to your equipment at any time of the day from the comfort of your home.

Let's review the Total Gym Supreme to see if this innovative exercise machine is the right one for you.

Quick Overview of the Total Gym Supreme

Certainly, by now, you are familiar with The Total Gym models. They have been on infomercials for the last 30 years and are still going strong. When an invention comes to the fitness market and provides an effective way to exercise it tends to stick around.

The Supreme version is a budget-friendly model that provides the solutions people seek in exercise home equipment.

The machine targets all major muscle groups by providing cardio, resistance, strength, and stretching exercises without the use of cords, weights, or plates. It is very user friendly and requires no professional assistance to set up.

It is very easy to learn the possible exercises available from the many settings and accessories the equipment features.

Complete attachments and accessories allow for a full range of motion and various workout routines. There are over 60 exercises you can perform with a single piece of equipment. It also comes with video tutorials and a complete nutritional program that includes a meal plan.

Resistance Levels

This innovative exercise machine allows people from any starting level to begin on this home fitness machine.

By adjusting the height of the sliding base, the user lets gravity provide the resistance needed for specific levels of difficulty. You are able to exercise against different percentages of your body weight by experimenting with different angles.

You have complete control over the intensity of the exercises while targeting muscle groups with precision. Your joints will be alleviated with impact-free exercises during each repetition. Free weights or weights stacks don't offer impact-free motions.

The design provides 12 levels of resistance for all fitness levels from senior citizens to hardcore bodybuilders and everyone in between. 

Features and Specs

One of the best features of this exercise equipment is that there is no assembly required! Not too many products can make that claim. Its compact and lightweight design can support up to 275 pounds.

The footprint of the machine while in use measures 15.5 inches Width x 93 inches Length x 43.25 inches Height. When folded, it is 15.5 inches Width x 50.5 inches Length x 8 inches Height.

The machine comes with a one-year warranty on the frame and a six-month warranty on the parts.

You'll also enjoy the following features:

-Seat has a padded pillow that provides additional comfort.
-An auto-lock height adjustment knob ensures safe use.
-Flexible nylon strap handles allow versatile and smooth movements.

The high-quality design conveniently gives you the character you'll find in an expensive gym in the privacy and comfort of your home.


To enhance your at-home workout routines, this Total Gym model comes with these accessories to ensure your exercises are completely productive:

-Best-Selling Total Gym AbCrunch Accessory: This is a perfect accessory for beginning to advanced abdominal exercises. You can perform a variety of crunches that strengthen your core, lengthen your obliques, and relief your back by improving your posture.
-NEW Tri-Grip Shaper Bars: Each handgrip position provided by this accessory allows you to target different muscle groups of your upper body. You can target shoulders, back, arms, and other muscles as you explore different movements.
-Ribbed Squat Stand: This telescoping accessory allows you to target your legs and glutes with precision. These important muscle groups play a major role in the balance and mobility of your body.
-Leg Pull Attachment with Detachable Brackets and Two Ankle Cuffs: Get a complete workout for the legs and glutes with this accessory. Target specific problem areas with the same adjustable resistance you'll find in the rest of the machine.
-Nutritional Program and Meal Plan: Dan Isaacson designed a complete program for weight loss and healthy eating. He helped develop the Total Gym series and has worked as a noted Hollywood fitness trainer.

Utilizing these accessories ensures you will maximize every workout session. It is the company's long-standing promise to provide you with a total body exercise solution.

Your time with the machine becomes fun every time you use it as you have total control to customize each workout just the way you want it. You can make each day as different as you desire. The variety plays a major role in keeping your workouts interesting and fun. 

Stream Your Workouts with Total Gym TV

A huge advantage of using Total Gym is the support network created over years of experience helping people stay healthy. You'll be able to access an on-demand video platform full of various workouts from any of your devices 24 hours a day.

Enjoy four of the most popular exercise programs for free with your Total Gym purchase! These classic workout programs were previously available only on DVD, but are now accessible online. Expert Total Gym trainers teach you proven routines to help you achieve your fitness goals.

You'll also have the opportunity to sign up for a premium membership of Total Gym TV if you desire more variety. More than three programs are added each month, an estimate of approximately 50 new programs each year.

When you sign up for an annual subscription, you'll save up to 40% off the membership price. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to enjoy all the content. You'll increase your fitness knowledge and find the support you want while working out at home. 


Improve your fitness level and overall well-being with the Total Gym. It is easy and risk-free for you to get started. The company provides a quality warranty to ensure you can enjoy all the benefits of having this innovative piece of equipment in your home.

Here's what is included in the warranty:

-The frame comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
-All parts come with a six-month manufacture's warranty.
-The company provides affordability for any budget with flexible payment options.
-The machine comes with a complete owner's manual that specifies all warranty information, equipment specifications, and mode of use.
-Free shipping is available for a value of $100.

People are pleased with the accessibility of the equipment, getting started is easy, convenient, and affordable. There are many reasons why Total Gym has thrived in the fitness world for decades.

Pros and Cons

Being the lowest priced home gym in the Total Gym series, it was an overall great rating amongst users and fitness professionals. The model is very quiet, easy to set up, and has versatile capabilities. Let's review the pros and cons of the Supreme model:

-Material is tough, but lightweight.
-Design allows low-impact exercises compared to traditional gym equipment.
-Resistance training can be customized for each individual based on their bodyweight.
-It offers a variety of workouts guided by professionals. There are over 60 possible exercises.
-It is an affordable choice in the Total Gym series. Sales price is less than $600.
-Users find support in expert advice on training videos and a nutritional guide complete with a meal plan.
-It is very easy to set up - there is absolutely no assembly required.
-Users can try it out for 30 or 60 days.
-It is backed by excellent customer and industry reviews.


-It has a limited capacity for people over six feet tall and over 275 pounds.
-The glideboard has less padding compared to other models in the Total Gym series.
-Some users find it difficult to move around the house.

Final Thoughts

This easy-to-use and effective home gym is the preferred model in many homes. The sliding board, pulleys, and accessories provide a total body workout that is easy on the joints. It is lightweight, but sturdy - made from quality materials with a manufacturer's warranty.

Designed for various fitness levels, it allows several types of people to enjoy the benefits of a complete exercise routine at home. Twelve resistance levels accommodate individual user needs and allow better control over your workouts.

The machine comes with plenty of accessories to target each area of your body with precision. Its innovative design allows users to combine more than 60 exercises making their workout routines diverse, fun, and most of all, effective.

The company's support system gives you access to expert advice and tutorials so that you have the proper guidance any fitness regimen should have, especially one that you perform alone at home.

Overall, it is an outstanding, affordable, and complete choice in home gym equipment.Enter your text here...


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