Review of Total Gym XLS  

The Total Gym XLS is a fitness bench highly endorsed by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. This home gym comes with full settings to perform over 80 exercises. It also has superior training support to improve workout efficiency. 

Gaining more strength, stamina, stability, and balance has never been easier thanks to this space-saving home gym.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and promoting your wellbeing takes more than proper nutrition. You want to instill physical and mental health through regular exercises to prevent lifestyle diseases. However, working out is not as easy due to our busy lives amid the daily hustle and bustle.

Also, you cannot postpone physical fitness, and going to the gym can be inconvenient due to the congestion and unfavorable conditions. So, getting a home gym is one of the limited options to consider. A home gym will help you meet your fitness goals under comfortable conditions.

About Total Gym XLS

As celebrity actor Chuck Norris calls it, this lean, mean exercise machine is one of the top-selling home gyms in the market. It has functions that will help attain your desired physique by strengthening and sculpting the muscles perfectly.

With its numerous workout tools, Total Gym XLS is ideal for rehabilitation training as it helps one recover quickly. As a full-body home gym, you will successfully recreate your body through state-of-the-art functional training.

This bodyweight training system is ideal for both beginners and professional trainers looking to condition the body. You can customize the settings to fit your ability level, depending on body weight and resistance needed.

Here are the amazing features that make this home gym worth your money!

Features and Specs

Are you looking for a versatile home gym that is constructed for personalized training? Then the Total Gym XLS is a high-end brand with innovative upgrades that you'll miss in other models.

It features nutritional programs along with exercise plans to assist you in achieving set fitness objectives. 

Body Construction

Let’s begin with the nylon strap handles that offer maximum flexibility to perform a range of exercises. The frame has 1.25 by two-inch steel tubing that offers excellent sturdiness to handle the heaviest user weight.

It has chrome-plated upper rails, so the home gym looks stylish in your space. The black powder-coated lower rails further compliment this appeal, so it becomes a centerpiece for your home.

With a weight of only 82 pounds, the Total Gym XLS home gym measures a 90-inch length, 19-inch width, and a 43-inch height. This compact build enhances the ease of use and handling.

Support and Comfort

The Total Gym XLS features some upgrades for enhanced support and comfort.

Its glide board has a 1.5-inch high-density padding system to give you more comfort in comparison to the previous models. The padding covering is non-tear vinyl for aesthetic appeal and durability.

This home gym also features head support for stability during your workout routine. The glide board further has thicker and wider padding to ensure your comfort around the head, lower back, and neck.

The glide board can support a weight capacity of 400 pounds to accommodate more users.

The Total Gym XLS has a wing attachment where you can comfortably work on your arms and back. A leg pull is also present to enable the toning of hamstrings and the quads. Ankle straps will stabilize your legs during the workout for exercising balance.

Upgraded Pulley System

The functionality of this home gym relies on the unique pulley system that is chrome plated for that elegant look. Its cables come coated with 1000 pound rated vinyl to ensure a smooth pulley system for easy use.

The pulley system handles are made of soft, synthetic rubber for added handling comfort. The handles also have ABS swivel along with nylon webbing to give you a hammer grip action.

You’ll also appreciate the interchangeable nylon strap handles as they provide exercising flexibility. The ankle holders are also interchangeable attachments that you can adjust depending on your needs. These attachments come coated with nylon for longevity and padded with synthetic rubber that is soft for a comfortable grip.

The pulley system also has plastic wheels for ease of movement around your home. The ball bearings are sealed to precision, hence, making adjustment easier as per your weight capacity and type of exercise.

Ease of Use

The top factor to consider when buying a home gym is the ease of use. How simple is it to assemble, disassemble, and stow? While you may take some time to assemble this innovative Total Gym XLS, you don't need professional help or complex skills to set it up.

Total Gym XLS weighs approximately 82 pounds, and the glide board alone is about 22 pounds in weight. You can, therefore, lift the glide board easily and securely set it up with a lock pin. You can conveniently slide the home gym around your home to the desired spot.

You only need to unfold the home gym frame while raising the glide board into an inclining position. The frame also folds with ease as the rails can convert into a ladder with rollers around the base. This feature makes storage easy even with limited space as you can stow it under your bed. 

A Variety of Exercises

The Total Gym XLS allows for 80 low-impact exercises that include strength training, stretching exercises, and cardio. For effective exercising, the glide board features an improved squat stand and leg pull along with other accessories.

Hence, you can focus on your core muscle groups, cardiovascular system, metabolic system, lower, and upper body.

Included in the package is an exercise wall chart that features over 35 exercises with a guide. The advanced training deck will come in handy along with Dan Isaacson’s nutritional program and meal plan to help you meet your milestones.

For beginners, the Start-It-Up CD will help you master 12 workouts that last between six and eight minutes. This feature will allow you to readily adapt to the unique home gym and the variety of options it offers.

The Total Gym XLS comes with a DVD that directs you on how to perform slow workouts that require adequate balance and motion ranges. You can use these resources to customize this home gym for more energy, strength, and a perfect physique. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

The renowned Chuck Norris, who has been using it for home fitness for about 30 years, endorses the Total Gym XLS.

Christie Brinkley has also utilized it for rehabilitation with over 10 years of use, and she finds it effective for physical fitness. Brinkley stays lean despite the hectic lifestyle and the birth of two kids.

The Total Gym XLS comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a six-month warranty on the parts. The moving parts also have a two-year warranty.

There is a risk-free use period of 30 days, and the manufacturer will reimburse you in the event of dissatisfaction. However, upon purchasing the home gym, you are liable for the shipping expenses.

Is Total Gym XLS worth it?

The Total Gym XLS is a bit difficult to transport since the wheel bearings tend to fail regularly. What's more, this home gym is slightly expensive, and the limited warranty period is a drawback for maintenance.

While the manufacturer needs to improve on these, the versatility of the home gym makes it worth every penny. In comparison to the 1100 model, the XLS has quality construction and a range of exercise options.

This home gym comes with six resistance levels that you can adjust from six to 26 degrees depending on your needs. This level of resistance can support a weight capacity of between six and 54 percent.

We, therefore, recommend this home gym to meet your fitness goals. Since it’s easy to set up and store, it is ideal for first-time users and people with a small workout space to spare.

Final Verdict on the Total Gym XLS

The Total Gym XLS is the perfect home gym for all your workout routines. With its compact design and sturdy construction, you'll be using this machine for the longest time. These unique features speak loads of its smooth operation and durable build.

It is also built for your comfort and convenient use, whether you are a beginner or professional trainer.

Chuck Norris approves this home gym for a variety of low-impact exercises that will effectively tone your body. You can upgrade your Total Gym XLS by acquiring accessories like a squat stand, training deck, wing, and pulley attachments.


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